Reasons to Switch to Vaping

When it comes to trying to quit smoking, it can seem like an uphill battle. After all, cigarettes contain nicotine that make them highly addictive, and it’s hard to convince your body not to do things it thinks it needs to do. Therefore, it can be incredibly difficult to quit smoking, but it’s the sort of thing that’s all but necessary to lead a happy life. There are a number of ways to quit, all of varying degrees of difficulty. One such method is switching to a vape pen instead of cigarettes. Here are a few reasons you should vape instead of smoking.

First and foremost, it’s simply more affordable. While the vape pen, itself, is fairly costly, it pays for itself by requiring cheap refills. Therefore, while the up front cost is high, the cost in the end is akin to rolling your own cigarettes. Both of these alternatives to buying cigarettes are much more cost effective.


One of the main draws to vaping, as opposed to smoking, is that you can vape in more public places than you can smoke. For example, many establishments allow vaping in doors, because instead of smoke, you only have to deal with vapors that dissipate in only a second or two. On top of that, said vapor is typically flavored and, therefore, scented. These more pleasant aromas make vaping much more socially acceptable than smoking. For example, say you’re in a RIU Hotel, and you’re in a non smoking room. That doesn’t matter if you have a vape pen, as your “smoking” doesn’t have the problems associated with cigarettes. Namely, this means vapors won’t stain white walls and leave odors like cigarette smoke does.

Another reason to switch to a vape pen is because of the aforementioned flavors and scents. Flavored cigarettes have been all but banned, and that’s a shame. While the reason behind this decision is sound (because it was too appealing for children) it’s a shame nonetheless. However, vape pen oils come in a variety of flavors and scents, so you can still experience flavored “smoking” in this way.

Last, probably also least, vape pens offer an interesting spectacle. Unlike cigarette smoke, vapors aren’t as harsh on the lungs, and therefore can be inhaled in larger amounts at a time, and that can lead to some impressive clouds being exhaled. This, in turn, has become a sort of sport wherein people try to create the most impressive clouds. Think of it like a step up from smoke rings, purely because of volume.