Do you need to quit smoking

Do you need to quit smoking and just aren’t exactly sure how you need to go about it? There are lots and lots of people who need to quit smoking and need to move on to something else, but it is quite the process to quit once you have developed an essential habit. You will experience withdrawals, cravings, hunger, annoyance and many other side effects once you start beginning to try to quit: all of these side effects will make it difficult to kick the habit for good. However, once you have given up that habit and moved on to dedicating your time to something else that is more fulfilling and healthy, you will thank yourself and feel altogether much better physically and mentally.


First of all, if you are trying to quit smoking, it is best to be honest with yourself as to why you are quitting and what you are going to replace the habit with. Old habits are hard to break cold turkey, so the best way to get rid of the old is to replace it with something new. Something new that would take the place of smoking would be something like gum chewing, vaping, snacking, yoga, exercising, or pretty much anything that is healthier and less damaging than a cigarette but that still take up time in your day and produces dopamine so that you enjoy it and make it a habit. Shop places like hello fresh for savings and inspiration.


Next, find some accountability! Friends, family and online buddies are great for making sure that you are staying on track with your commitments and staying true to yourself and your decisions. Don’t lose yourself with loneliness–make sure to gain some accountability and get where you need to be as far as not smoking anymore goes! Replace the old habit and get a friend to tell when you are feeling weak in the moment or having second feelings. That friends will set you straight and remind you of why you started to decide to quit in the first place.


Last but not least, make sure to line your pockets with candies and mints! You deserve a reward–be good to yourself and treat yourself!